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Zodiac 2020 Analysis

 Zodiac 2020 Analysis


Year ahead Overview:  Opportunities may show up in the first 3 months of the year for many aspects of your life. You will be surrounded by loving energies and luck prospects are good.  You may lack physical energy hence take your time and move ahead with positivity, avoid negative thinking and you will see success. Take ample care of health and pay attention to safety.  Those wanting to pursue higher education or improve their skills, it’s a good year to start.


Year ahead Overview:   After a year of upheavals you will find 2020 promising as luck is on your side.  Stay focused to achieve your aspirations, overall a very favourable year hence make the best out of it. Stay positive and spread the same to those around you. Career and professional advancement look good.  Relationship and success luck quite promising. 


Year ahead Overview:  The year 2020 would be excellent with renewed confidence and success. Harness the good time and forge ahead.  Career growth and recognition comes your way. Plenty of travel on the cards and will be profitable too.  Bee cautious of ailments and address them at the onset itself.


Year ahead Overview:  A year to continue from what was left of the previous year.  Work and the home front would be considerably more peaceful. As the east sector is afflicted pay attention to your personal safety.  Have a balanced outlook to succeed and be proactive in your communications to enhance your all luck.  Stay away from negativity and situations.


Year ahead Overview: Relatively a quiet year, however plan realistically to achieve your goals.  May feel less motivated at times, do not allow this to unsettle you, follow your instincts and be diligent in your efforts. Growth and prosperity look good hence move boldly. Those pursuing studies will do good.

And achieve scholastic brilliance.


Year ahead Overview: Good year with mentor luck shining help will come your way.  However you may be prone situations which may cause money loss.  Take initiative to work on yourself to have a smoother personal life and less stress. Be more helpful and considerate to others and you will be rewarded.  Be careful of your belongings especially during travel.


Year ahead Overview: A year to be careful in all aspects as it’s in direct conflict with the year Zodiac. Delays and obstacles need to be handled. Promotion at work if anticipated could manifest. Avoid signing legal documents until you are sure. Spend money on important things alone.


Year ahead Overview:  A year which is very promising and all your efforts in the past will manifest. Relationship luck also good.  You can pursue academic interests too and garner new skills new opportunities coming your way will make you succeed and reap benefits.   Stay humble least success goes to your head and be mindful of your temper and spoken words.    


Year ahead Overview:  A great year as you step into the year of your ally with plenty of support you may find the going good.  Stay with trusted people around and let the good things not make you lose focuses not lose cool even in difficult situations as things will settle down, be careful of mishaps and stay cautions.


Year ahead Overview: A year to build up and put in place long term plans. With lots of lucky stars the year you should be prepared to make the most of it.  Wealth and success is promising Positivity brings out bountiful rewards.  Most of your plans will succeed and give you satisfaction.


Year ahead Overview:  A year with plenty of supportive luck you should put all your efforts to go after new opportunities.  Auspicious year with overall good luck and wealth opportunities make the most of it. You will be able to achieve a lot if you stay focused.  Be in control of your emotions to overcome all difficulties.


Year ahead Overview :  A year to mass wealth and recognition. Set your goals to achieve and ensure you surround yourself with good people and avoid gossips. A year with minor challenges but lot of opportunities.  New avenues can be explored which could bring new luck into your life.  Stay level headed.

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