Geo - Magnetic Measurements

Life without a shelter or a place of dwelling would be unimaginable as our place of dwelling forms a vital part of our life. It is not just a structure with shingles, bricks and cement, but contributes immensely to our development and is of great significance.

An interesting aspect of Feng Shui and Vaastu research correlating it with the modern day science has found that the geomagnetic flux lines, temperature gradient and structural dimensions of a structure, form a helical shape when plotted graphically against the four directions.

The energy flow in a plot or within a building determines the quality of the space and its bearing on the occupants. This technique of locating the earth’s energy flow and countering it is known as “Geo Mancing”. It could be a home or office, the improper flow of energy is said to influence the thought process and the quality of life and work of the individuals.

Traditionally geomancy has been used to define beneficial and detrimental places. Types of energy are suited to particular endeavors – for example places of power are not necessarily good for everyday living. The study of such energies in a building, suitability, and countering these zones is a skilled and advance technique Known as Bau –Biology.

Bau-biology translated from German is “building biology” or “building for life.” It specifically refers to the study of the impact of the built environment on human health and the application of this knowledge to the construction or modification of homes and workplaces. It studies the interwoven relationships between people and their homes as well as their homes and the earth.

An important part of choosing a suitable site is considering the energy that lies beneath it – preferably finding beneficial, and also avoiding and curing harmful. The popularized term geopathic stress describes the negative effect of exposure to harmful earth energies.

Such energies may be natural global magnetic grids and their crossings, or arise from earth fault lines, mineral deposits, and underground water courses. Trauma to the earth such as excavation, mining, building, even battlefields can also result in disrupted harmful energy.

If such zones are located directly beneath you they can cause or exacerbate weakened immune system resulting in difficulty sleeping, exhaustion, anxiety, and agitation. German medical studies over 70 years have indicated that exposure over a period of time may correspond to chronic health problems.

Hence Bio-energetic measurements is the key to assess such energy centers in a property or a room which aids in designing the structure and positioning the furniture to avoid such zones or counter the impact on existing interior layout.

By adapting few Vaastu and Fengshui tenets in conjugation with a detailed Energy measurement studies ( Bio-energetics) one could ease the situation and look forward to better times.

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