Property assessment

 Property assessment

Fengshui considers the home as a holistic environment whereas real estate apprising views a home or property in monetary terms, and changes are made to improve its market value. Fengshui searches for ways to enhance the flow of Chi and release energy blockages that may manifest in corresponding life areas. Though seemingly very different disciplines, Fengshui can help maintain the optimum value of real estate holding or even increase its worth.

What really constitutes value in your property? Could it be the flow of Chi? A home with an abundance of positive flowing chi attracts people and potential buyers like a magnet. This vitality is what constitutes the greatest value in real estate. Viewing homes through the eyes of both a real estate appraiser and a Feng Shui Practitioner, I have consistently seen a relationship between value and good Feng Shui. Homes that have good Chi are homes that often command the highest price in the neighbourhood. Those with a certain stagnant blocked energy is the homes that sit on the market the longest, often selling for less than the asking price.

One could follow certain basic guidelines for Fengshui and value: –

1. Explore the neighbourhood and see if the property is having a harmonious design and it should have a sense of beauty with its surroundings. Check for High-tension wires, environmental pollution, sewage drains etc.

2. The first impression is usually determined by the front door, it could either welcome you or drive you away. Remember all opportunities enter through the main door and the door should exude a feeling of pride.

3. How does the house feel or smell? Is the space light and airy or dark and heavy?

4. Is your house located at a cul-de-sac? This would block the flow of chi and has no outlet.

5. Look for T-junctions crossroad locations.

6. A house with a detached Garage is considered best as it enables Chi to circulate freely and swirl around the house.

7. Look out for bathrooms and kitchens in the centre of the house, which is considered inauspicious.

One could enhance the Fengshui for better value or harmony by following certain simple guidelines. In case you have a home or still feel like buying a building even if it is violating certain basic guidelines mentioned above, one could adapt and bring about changes through Fengshui although it may not be a total solution offering perfect harmony and balance. Nevertheless, such homes do show a remarkable change when corrected through Fengshui.