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Zodiac 2022 Analysis

 Zodiac 2022 Analysis

Forecast for the 12 Chinese Zodiac for 2022- Year of the Water Tiger


Year ahead Overview: A Year of winning energies, focus on self-growth, to achieve success. Relationship luck also improves, socialize more for new avenues. Obstacles and trouble will show up which could affect your health hence stay calm and you will see progress.

Lucky charm for 2022: Wear a Red Jasper bracelet and place 5 colours of smooth crystal ball in the Living Room (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White).


Year ahead Overview: Overall a satisfying year to look forward to.  Prosperity star ushers in big wealth. Health needs attention, try to relax more. Relationship luck is good and aids in motivating success on all fronts. You will have the courage to tackle challenges too.

Lucky charm for 2022: Wear an amethyst bracelet and place a rose quartz ball at the southeast of the bedroom.


Year ahead Overview:  A year you stand to gain and garner support. Wealth luck improves and success comes your way. Have clear goals to achieve your desire. Focus on your anger and mood, control outbreaks, be cautious of health, and practice a holistic lifestyle. Being the ruling sign of the year you will gain a lot.

Lucky charm for 2022:  Wear a blue jasper bracelet place 6 smooth crystal balls at the northwest of living.


Year ahead Overview:  A year to resolve all issues. Energy and vigour at their peak, with success and helpful people, give you the best to reap results, be careful while dealing with new people and exercise caution while signing documents.

Lucky charm for 2022:  Wear a smoky quartz bracelet place a bowl of mixed colours crystals in a bowl.


Year ahead Overview: the Zodiac enjoys the support of multiple benevolent stars. A year you will experience varied luck and mood swings. You will be indecisive on all fronts. Take the support of people you trust and avoid hasty decisions. Try to work towards gaining new skills and knowledge. You may feel sluggish due to weak supportive elements hence aim high to achieve your goals.

Lucky charm for 2022: Wear a hematite bracelet place 5 smooth crystal ball in different colours at Northwest.


Year ahead Overview: A great year filled with ample luck hence set your goals, overall a year of success and opportunity. Worriers and confusion may surface need to be careful of sickness and mishaps, hence exercise caution while driving. You may be more enthusiastic with new ideas and opportunities coming your way.

Lucky charm for 2022: Wear lapis lazuli a figurine of Horse at South.


Year ahead Overview: A year of success faced with challenges Hard work brings in wealth, overall progress in all fronts of life. Team leaders can get support and good career growth possible. Wealth luck ensures you are comfortable but hard work can bring in more abundance. Be cautious of people who may cheat you. Take bold strides to achieve your goals.

Lucky charm for 2022: Black obsidian bracelet, place bowl with gemstones and coins at Northeast.


Year ahead Overview:  A year of good success luck and prospects for growth. Manage your investments professionally. The lucky year ahead with breakthrough and fortune luck. Helpful people will come to assist you. Go ahead with your plans as they will manifest successfully. Your charm can make you a winner to achieve your set goals.   

Lucky charm for 2022:  Wear amethyst bracelet, place figurine of Horse at the south.


Year ahead Overview:  A year when supportive stars show up and give new opportunities Career luck looks bright but need to stay focused. Put your networking skills to maximum use. Take care of investments and avoid speculation. Be careful of injuries and avoid adventurous activities.

Luck charm for 2022:  Wear a white jade bracelet and place metal wulou a bedside.


Year ahead Overview: A great year with lots of supportive stars making it an extremely positive year. Plenty of career and wealth fortunes will come your way. Maintain healthy habits as you may be loaded with a lot of work and tasks, stay alert while driving. Spread your wings to soar high.

Lucky charm for 2022: Wear red jasper bracelet coins and gems in a metal bowl in the living.


Year ahead Overview:  The Zodiac enjoys the support of pair of celestial stars, generating windfall luck with helpful people. Do not despair due to minor setbacks stay positive, things will get better as the year progresses. Try improving your interpersonal and communication skills stay alert while you drive vehicles and avoid sporting activities.

Lucky charm for 2022:  Wear a clear crystal bracelet place 5 elements coloured smooth crystal balls at Nortwest.


Year ahead Overview:  A year of good mentor support and supportive star. You will experience abundance and prosperity. Do not be complacent and utilize the good time. Be mindful of your action in words spoken. Workplace will be filled with harmony.

Luck charm for 2022:  Wear a black obsidian bracelet and place piggy bank with coins at Northeast.

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