Feng Shui in Chinese means Wind & Water. A science which studies the flow of energy known as “Chi” in a space. Energy known as chi has to be in control or else it causes disturbances of various kinds to the occupants. Its cause and effect on mankind due to the movement of such energy and its counter effects makes Feng Shui a very important tool in designing and harmonizing living spaces

Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of space alignment is over 4000 years old, a wonderful tool to harmonize your place be it home, office or industry to bring out the best from the occupants.

The science predominantly based on the energy flow known as “Chi” has evolved from the “I-ching”. Basis of this science is being symbolically represented by Yin and Yang which means “negative & positive forces co-existing” or “complimentary opposites should co-exist” to attain equilibrium and balance. This represents the Universal Law of Nature and in simpler terms, the entire mankind and universe.

Feng Shui in short harmonizes the mankind between Heaven and Earth and is all about Energy transformation and changes. It has a strong influence on the human beings due to the interaction of the five elements existing in the universe which are classified as water, wood, fire, earth and metal and the occupants.

A corollary to the Traditional Indian Vaastu Science, which is over 5,000 years old (from the Vedic Age), Feng Shui goes in- depth into the Five- element theory and analysis related to the study of the elements in a given space. Feng Shui not only caters to the space in which we live, but can also be extended to design Garden landscape, wall colors, Dress, Make-up and Food.

The Art and science of Feng Shui is all about “space alignment” hence it’s important to carefully view the Feng Shui of the place in terms of compass directions, influence of exterior energies, inner layout, décor and design to create a harmonious space and most certainly this calls for a professional advice and approach to ensure a proper balance of energies.

Feng Shui, a powerful tool to change the “quality” of life and is a boon to mankind to continually seek to bring out the best from a Feng Shui aligned space.

Benefits of Feng Shui and Vaastu

Adapting Vaastu and Feng Shui in the construction and designing of a Home or office enhances the quality of energy flow and the benefits derived are tremendous. The premise behind Feng Shui is to ensure that your home and the surrounding exterior environment supports and enhances greater human potential, opportunity, and positive experience. By orienting your home to a good direction, properly placing important rooms, locating the ideal site for water features, wall décor, floorings, painting and even landscaping the house supports the occupants and gives them the motivation and strength to weather the “storms of life” with minimum impact.

Buying real estate can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Whether you buy a home or a business location, it is immensely valuable to know what to look for and what to avoid at all costs. Your investment for your “nest” is the place where you relax, have fun, sleep, eat; in short, it’s the place central to your life hence getting it all in order from the very beginning not only safeguards your investment but makes you prosperous in all aspects of your life.

When you are looking at a house or any space for that matter and considering whether to buy it, it helps to look at it with “Feng Shui eyes.” From a Feng Shui perspective we can discern many kinds of property some possess intrinsic good fortune and benefits everyone who live within the chi is all pervasive and abundant.

The art and science of Feng Shui and Vaastu lays down practical guidelines that enable you to select good property – property whose chi is not afflicted by hostile hills, whose luck is not blocked by harmful structures and whose yang energy is vibrant and strong.

There are also Feng Shui formulas that enable you to custom design your luck. Not all Feng Shui afflictions can be cured however a professional Feng Shui consultant should be able to tell you what you can expect from this location, such as good financial or business opportunities, prosperity and health.

If it’s a home or an office which already exists then by adapting Feng Shui tenets and activating the good sectors by identifying them, one can transform the energy and the feel of the place and in turn correct the existing defects. This is applicable not just to grounded properties but even to condominiums and row houses which have a limitation in terms of renovation or reconstruction.

While the use of specific materials and certain colors can enhance individual areas of the home, the most important Classical Feng Shui factors in the home design and floor-plan are the correct chi/energy directions and their relationship to room placement.

In other words Vaastu and Feng Shui are simple tools to restore the equilibrium of the space with a touch of aesthetics, practicality and logic be it a new construction or existing building.

Feng Shui FAQs

  • Vaastu recommendations are based on the percept that human beings are affected in a uniform set of ways by all unseen forces of Nature.
  • Feng Shui on the other hand, treats each person according to his unique make-up and lays down categories of people.
  • Vaastu, Gemology, Astrology, Feng Shui or any related science cannot change DESTINY.
  • It can change QUALITY of LIFE viz., Rain
  • Feng Shui propagates principle of “TRINITY OF LUCK” i.e., TIME, ACTION & SPACE
  • Time = Destiny (40%) Heaven Luck, Action = Man Luck (25%), Space = Earth Luck (35%).
  • Vaastu and Fengshui believe of all things in the world
  • ANYWHERE – Homes, Office, Hospitals, Parks, Schools, Factories, Projects, Name Cards.
  • Any Space can be Feng Shui answered.
  • One can experience immediate changes if feeling slightly better and more positive. The time taken for realigning space and oneself is much longer.
  • REMEMBER CAUSE AND EFFECT THEORY cure takes longer than Manifestation of time.
  • Greater the Change desired longer it takes.
  • WHEN – you feel sick, going is not good, disharmony and feel that no opportunities are coming your way.
  • To create a level of conducive atmosphere to enable you to THINK BETTER.
  • A tool to approach your “REALISTIC DREAMS”
  • Approach with absolute faith in yourself and in Feng Shui -“When distrust is let through your font door, You let go FAITH through your back door”.
  • You will realize it works perfectly when executed with faith.
  • Prioritize your ” realistic dreams” and work towards it.

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