Harmonizing Bio-forces and Energy balancing

 Harmonizing Bio-forces and Energy balancing

Everything in nature has a shape and everything has energy, the science of understanding the relationship between shape and energy is known as Bio-geometry. Bio Geometry is a design language through which you can design anything, and use it in any activity in your life and in turn adapt shapes which bring balance into the energy fields and the immediate surroundings.

It could be a home or office or any space, the improper flow of energy influences the thought process and the quality of life and work of the individuals in that space. Hence aligning ourselves with supporting energy and countering negative zones is the key to a Vaastu or Feng Shui analysis of a space.

Such alignments and fine-tuning could be a part of the everyday auspicious sitting, town planning to domestic arrangements. Science of Bio- geometry could be adapted while putting up a new building or adjusting existing building. It could begin with identifying a suitable site to orienting the building, allocating rooms, bed directions, positions and even décor to ensure that the structure is supporting the occupants.

One way to deal with harmful earth energies is to avoid them: move your bed, desk, chair position or even move to another home. Alternately energy can be transformed or cured. Earth acupuncture (similar to human acupuncture) promotes the flow of blocked meridians and allows stagnancy and negativity to clear. Energy can be transformed or dispersed to become free-flowing and restoring the balance is a technique called “geo-mancing” – Balancing the earth energies.

Improper flow or imbalanced energies could cause various ill effects and some of the general observations could be like building structural problems, soil subsidence, and constant delays in completion of building work, muddle-headedness and sluggishness, lack of concentration, frequent accidents/breakages, illness irritation and arguments.

You could try to restore the imbalance partially by:

  • Placing healthy green plants, displaying fresh flowers, in the East sector of your living area.
  • Have a wall décor in blue or green in the East sectors of your home, it could even by curtain drapes, paintings, artefacts.
  • Display waterfall or decors of blue and gold in North sector of the Foyer, verandah or living room. Ensure water is clean and replenished periodically and emanate pleasant sound and not too harsh to the ears.
  • Add a touch of red in the form of bright lights, curtains, sofa cushions in the South sector of living, dining or even bedroom but ensure that it is not overpowering.
  • Bring in shades of ochre, beige, pale brown, pink as décor or earthenware in the Southwest sectors which will enhance the flow of good energy and make the place vibrant, fresh and supportive to the occupants.
  • Adapting designs with proper dimensions and angles in creating pyramid designs on the rooftop of homes and even in gardens can enhance the positive energy fields in a premise and increase the comfort levels of the occupants.

A balanced setting empowered by your intentions and goals will attract and ease the flow of positive energy into many facets of our lives ushering in health, wealth and happiness.