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Forecast for the 12 Chinese Zodiac for 2019

A year of personal advancement, however it requires hard work as obstacles exists and emotional upheaval could make you feel sad and lost and your energy will be low. Try to maintain positivity and happiness and avoid being amongst sad people and situations as this could further pull you down. Be mindful of what you speak to friends as it could derail the relationship.  Deal with finances with care so as to ensure you are able to sustain and pull through the year with enough reserves. Carry a Jade Tiger Pendant and Place a figurine of Tiger at Northeast of living.
Lucky Stone: Aquamarine
Lucky Color for 2019:- Green
Rat: - A year to pay attention to life style, habits as sickness may hold you back. New opportunities will show up, the emotional down trend of the earlier year will get over and positivity will set in. Overall the luck is improving and fortunes may knock your door in terms of recognition, career opportunity and finances will be better and more stable. Presence of major good fortune stars indicates ample support of benefactors and career growth.  You will be of out of the negative trend of the year of Dog and will feel the impact of a good year ahead in store. Wear Rutilated Quartz. 
Lucky stone: - Rutilated quartz 
Lucky Color in 2019:- Yellow, Brown, & white.
A year to lie low and stay calm although success luck exists Plan log term aspects of business and career growth. You will have opportunity for plenty of travel and this could help you tide over stress and anxiety. Time to focus on family and personal improvements as well as to focus on completing unfinished tasks personal and professional. Overall a year to plan and execute with care.  Career, wealth and relationship needs attention. You may feel restless and irritated but stay calm to push through the year. Wear eagle eye bracelet or carry a stone 
Luck Stone: - Eagle eye stone
Lucky Color 2019:- Blue & Black
Year ahead overview: - After a fairly restrictive and mediocre year of dog, this year will bear the fruits of your hard work. A year with plenty of new opportunities to activate money luck and career.  Friendship issues will be resolved and smoothen also lot of interpersonal relationship issues can be resolved.  Overall a more productive year but needs to put in hard work and efforts to achieve the desired level of success.
Remedies for the year: - Wear a white jade stone or display black obsidian at Northeast.
Lucky stone: White Jade
Lucky Color in 2019:- Red & Orange 
Year ahead Overview: - A year when you’re past efforts will fructify and will be a harmonious year with good heaven luck. Mental strength and determination increases making you to focus better.  Remain patient to achieve your aspirations.  Overall a successful year which calls for hard work and a humble approach.  Positive growth in careers, wealth and relationship indicated.  Avoid arguments and disputes, make the year beneficial. Be conservative in your outlook. Wear green quartz beads and display a metal Ruyi.
Lucky Stone: - Green quartz
Lucky Color in 2019:- Green
Overall a year of happiness and celebrations as the year luck is very strong and supportive. Success in career and personal life is imminent. The year will have lesser obstacles, with good fortunes coming your way with new ideas and opportunities hence make the most of it although your inner energy will be strong. Relationship will improve.  Indulge in charitable activities to sustain the good luck. Wear a Golden Tiger eye bead.
Lucky Stone: - Tiger eye
Lucky Color in 2019:-Yellow, Brown, White & Gold
Year ahead Overview: - A year of turbulence and disturbances, introspection and self development would be needed to improve and get over your short comings. Your inner energy will be low and strength to handle tasks will get minimal. Plenty of movement and changes in many aspects of the life.  The year may have hindrances of many kinds, hence work hard stay positive and resolve problems with compassion and be mindful of your words.  Involve in voluntary welfare services charity. Wear a Rainbow Jasper Beads.
Lucky Stone: - Rainbow Jasper
Lucky color in 2019:- Red, Orange & Gold
Year ahead Overview: -  Finally a truly promising year when you will gallop away with success and ideas.  Things will shape up well, with auspicious stars surrounded your relationship, growth and career look extremely promising.  Avoid stress and enjoy the good phase coming your way.  Those wanting to pursue higher studies may find the year supportive, career progress is also evident . Be careful while signing documents and for trusting someone fully. Purple Quartz or purple phantom Quartz beads.
Lucky Stones: Purple quartz or amethyst.
Lucky Color in 2019:- Red and Orange.
Year ahead Overview: - A year you will feel less stressed, with better communication skills and strength to achieve.  Good news will come your way and the year will pave way for a better year 2020.  You may tend to be moody hence avoid getting pulled into negative zones as this could put off people supporting you.  A year which will make you realize your dreams.  Legal situation and bottlenecks need to be addressed as and when it crops up. Wear an Agate beads.
Lucky Stone: - Agate
Lucky Color in 2019: - Green, Red & Orange
Year ahead overview: - A year to keep alive your goals and strive towards achieving it as you will face challenges. New opportunities may arise which needs to be capitalized but be careful in the dealings.  Radical behavior should be curbed and you should work towards harmony.  Avoid worrying much but remain focused on your goals and be open to learning. Scandals and rumors may hurt you, be mindful of your interactions. Wear a Rabbit hair quartz beads.
Lucky Stone: - Rabbit hair quartz.
Lucky Color in 2019:- Brown, yellow, Blue and Black.
Year ahead Overview:-
Moving out of a difficult year, the year 2019 would be much more calming.  Although obstacles may surface, you can tide over the same and find a solution to all your issues.  Avoid situations or places of negative energy or emotions as it could influence you.  Improve your social and networking as it could help you in many aspects of your life. Travel luck is plenty especially business related.Wear a Jade Bracelet.
Lucky Stone: - Jade 
Lucky Color in 2019:- Brown & Yellow
Year ahead Overview: - A much better year in store in 2019 with plenty of new opportunities coming your way. You may feel high on spirits hence follow your instincts and be less analytical. Seize the opportunities coming up your way as it year where in you will find new pursuits and be involved in many new activities.  Be careful of distractions and remain focused. Do not be complacent and maintain a humble altitude. Wear amethyst gold sand crystal bracelet. 
Lucky Stone: - Amethyst.
Lucky Color in 2019:- Green, Red and Orange

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