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2015 Year of the Sheep Zodiac Luck

Rat - Good year with overall progress, unexpected wealth gains and windfall indicated. Relationship not too strong, however will improve progressively.Those planning to marry have a favorable year and those married can further strengthen their bondage. Wear agar wood or petrified wood wrist bead. Dragon  Tortoise at NE  and wulou at SE of bedroom


Ox - The zodiac is in clash with the year sign Sheep, work related stress and confrontation  may show up, remaining calm and having clarity will help in progress. You will do see success in your endeavors as personal chi is strong.  Avoid speculative investments , manage your cash resources well to sail through the year. Black cats eye bead can help inner chi , Display Tianliu (Pixiu) in living room facing main door, carry jade horse amulet

Tiger -  A year of great opportunity, growth, progress in career and very good wealth luck indicated. Stay humble, be cautious of handling big wealth lest you lose them in wrong ventures.Good year for singles to get married and for those married a good year to further bond. Display Figurine of Carps to gain big wealth, place deer and doe at South of living.



Rabbit - Year is good to plan and set up new business ventures. Although luck cycle is slightly on the decline things will be comfortable, approach with open mind and proper planning.Take advice of seniors in your line of career and back them to gain financial support and benefit. Relationship luck takes a back seat, be cautious.  Wear Amazonite wrist beads, Display  Dragon Tortoise in living East, and  Monkey on horse for career luck

Dragon - A year with many opportunities and lucky stars supporting your zodiac, good wealth luck and windfalls expected however competition at work will exist. Career and Finances look bright but need to pay more attention to relationship hence try to be more understanding. Singles may meet the person of their choice but communication skills need to be sharpened to avoid discord. Display clear quartz on your work desk or bedside , Crystal wulou at SE of living

Snake - A year with plenty of travel opportunities and career progress,  however do not be impulsive as you may regret your actions. Take care of elders and avoid late night outs.Be more focused and spiritual during the start of the Lunar New Year. Work and travel may create a distance between couples which needs to be worked on and those single may have to wait a little more for partner of their choice. Whites and Metallic shades in attire will be beneficial , White pearl as jewelry would bring in inner peace and calmness. Display  Red phonix at South  and Wulou with Salt at NW.

Horse -  Luck comes back but you need to be bold and adventurous to take decisions in career and investments. wealth and career prospect is looking bright. Proper investment planning will help in augmenting savings. Relationship luck is low try to spend more time with family and those who are single may find admirers. Display Bowl with semi precious stones & wishes in living , Figurine of Blue Rhino at  NE with coins in a bowl .

Sheep -  As the year is not in complete support of the self zodiac, you may find emotional downtrends and lack of focus. Fight it out and be determined to win and move ahead.You may feel distracted and have lack of concentration, hence for any investments and career decisions do discuss with close confidants or seek professional help to avoid wrong decisions. Display Ruyi scepter at NW , Pair of chilin at SW and carry a figurine of  Jade horse.

Monkey - A great year with plenty of support from mentors and people whom you look upon. Financial growth and stability is good with new business opportunities and ventures coming your way. Avoid  being guarantors for others and stay away from speculative investments. Health and relationship luck look good, those who are single have a good chance of getting married and  avoid adventurous sports. Display Citrine gem tree or wear wrist beads to  garner wealth, Display 3 chilins in living room, and dragon carp figurine on work desk to your left.

Rooster - The year will make you feel low and your decisions may be clouded which could make you may act impulsively and regret later. Some of your actions may attract legal entanglement hence be cautious and avoid disputes. Relationships may take a setback, do not be aggressive and be mindful of your words.  Singles can wait a little longer to settle down with their partner of choice. Carry a jade horse amulet , Display 5 element pagoda at west of living or office and Rooster with fan at NE.

Dog -  Good year, hence maintain low profile as help from benefactors will come to you. Wealth luck is good but sudden windfalls should be handled well as you may dissipate the income flow. The support from mentors and benefactors will help you transform difficult situations to your benefit. Stay loyal to your partner as you may have many opportunities to get distracted. To garner more wealth carry or wear red ruby , Display figurine of Horse at South, Place  metal wulou near bedside, carry jade horse, place a 3 legged  wealth frog at East of living room.

Pig - A Year of achievements in career, and you may find things moving rapidly .Need to exercise caution as you may be drawn into gossips which may impede your progress.You are prone to anxiety hence maintain high level of self confidence to achieve your goals. A testing time for those in relationship or married hence need to spare more time to understand each other better. Shades of Orange or green would help in your attire,  display wulou near bedside and happy Buddha with Ruyi at NE of living room.


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