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Feng Shui in Chinese means Wind & Water. A science which studies the flow of energy known as “Chi” in a space. Energy known as chi has to be in control or else it causes disturbances of various kinds to the occupants. Its cause and effect on mankind due to the movement of such energy and its counter effects makes Feng Shui a very important tool in designing and harmonizing living spaces.

Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of space alignment is over 4000 years old, a wonderful tool to harmonize your place be it home, office or industry to bring out the best from the occupants.

The science predominantly based on the energy flow known as "Chi" has evolved from the "I-ching". Basis of this science is being symbolically represented by Yin and Yang which means "negative & positive forces co-existing" or "complimentary opposites should co-exist” to attain equilibrium and balance.  This represents the Universal Law of Nature and in simpler terms, the entire mankind and universe.

Feng Shui in short harmonizes the mankind between Heaven and Earth and is all about Energy transformation and changes. It has a strong influence on the human beings due to the interaction of the five elements existing in the universe which are classified as water, wood, fire, earth and metal and the occupants.

A corollary to the Traditional Indian Vaastu Science, which is over 5,000 years old (from the Vedic Age), Feng Shui goes in- depth into the Five- element theory and analysis related to the study of the elements in a given space. Feng Shui not only caters to the space in which we live, but can also be extended to design Garden landscape, wall colors, Dress, Make-up and Food.

The Art and science of Feng Shui is all about "space alignment" hence  it’s important to  carefully view the Feng Shui of the place in terms of compass directions, influence of exterior energies, inner layout, décor and design to create a harmonious space and most certainly this calls for a professional advice and approach to ensure a proper balance of energies.

Feng Shui, a powerful tool to change the "quality” of life and is a boon to mankind to continually seek to bring out the best from a Feng Shui aligned space.

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