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14th International Feng Shui Convention,Manila Featured

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The 14th International Feng Shui Convention was held on 18th and 19th Nov 2017 at the Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel in Manila, Philippines.  

The event hosted by IFSA comprising had interesting topics to be shared by 4 Renowned Grand Masters, 21 Masters from 12 different countries and delegates, Feng Shui enthusiasts from various parts of the world. 

With interesting and informative topics and each Grand Master and Master presenting the same in their own imitable style and flair was a absolute delight and learning opportunity for all those present. 

In this year’s presentation titled “Wind, Water & Tranquillity” , Master S.BS.Surendran spoke about the ancient Chinese and Japanese Garden designs, adaptation of Feng shui principles and concluded with case studies and examples of present day garden with fundamentals of Feng shui design and a touch of the ancient garden concepts.

The event concluded with a Gala Dinner filled with fun and frolic and the announcement of the next year’s convention in Japan



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