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An opportunity to get to know about home decor  for improving prosperity by adapting Vastu and Feng shui principles. Make the year ahead memorable and tap into the good energies of the compass direction and negate the bad sector energies in the year 2018 - Year of the Earth Dog. Date: 27th February 2018Time: 6pmVenue: ICCR Auditorium, 16/2, Gregory's Road, Colombo -7, Sri Lanka.    

The 14th International Feng Shui Convention was held on 18th and 19th Nov 2017 at the Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel in Manila, Philippines.   The event hosted by IFSA comprising had interesting topics to be shared by 4 Renowned Grand Masters, 21 Masters from 12 different countries and delegates, Feng Shui enthusiasts from various parts of the world.  With interesting and informative topics and each Grand Master and Master presenting the same in their own imitable style and flair was a absolute delight and learning opportunity for all those present.  In this year’s presentation titled “Wind, Water & Tranquillity” , Master…

                  The Annual IFSA member’s night was held at the Serangoon Gardens Club on 15th Sept 2017. The evening event was filled with fun and frolic, knowledge exchange and dinner. The renowned Grand masters and Masters of Feng shui gathered to share their knowledge with the guests and also make this a curtain raiser for the Annual IFSA event to be held at Marco Polo Hotel, Manila in Nov 2017

  The art of designing gardens has been sacred to many civilizations and had significance for specific designs. The ancient gardens of China and Japan reveal the finer aspects and subtle nuances of good garden Feng shui. Adapting such designs in modern times would be beneficial to ensure flow of Sheng chi in and around our place of dwelling as Primary observation and understanding of a Feng shui of a place could be ascertained from its immediate flora and fauna. This presentation will take you from ancient times to modern times with a brief insight into the importance of flowers…

International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC), Date :- 18-19 November 2017 Venue :- Marco Polo Hotel, Manila, Philippines. The convention by the  International Feng Shui Association, is the much awaited annual 2-day Conference that features the world’s most respected Feng Shui Masters and experts from allied disciplines and Chinese astrology.  The annual event facilitates the sharing and discussion of Feng Shui experience and knowledge among Feng Shui enthusiasts and practitioners of various levels and schools. Through this event, IFSC seeks to develop the global appreciation of Feng Shui as an art and metaphysical science. The event also includes more technical lectures…

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