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Accredited Master Fengshui Consultant, Bioenergetician and Traditional Vaastu Practitioner
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The 10th International Feng Shui Convention would be from 16th to 17th Nov 2013 in Singapore. This prestigious annual event will have the congregation of renowned Grand Masters and Masters of Feng shui and Feng shui enthusiasts. Golden opportunity to meet and get to know more about some of the finer aspects of these ancient knowledge.

Session 1 (10:00 to 11:00) By
Master S.BS. Surendran, Fengshuiserver.com, India

Muchi to Taichi 

The art and science of divination can be viewed as a connection between mankind and the solutions that the universe offers. To practice divination, one first has to understand the evolution of universal energies and its interaction to create the right balance quintessential for harmony. Divination methods vary across different cultures around the world and include notable ones such as Feng Shui, I Ching, Vasstu, Vedic Divination, Astrology, Horary and Bio-energetics. 

Saturday, 09 November 2013 16:07

Feng Shui & I ching - Take Control of Your Life

Feng Shui has gained popularity worldwide over a period of time. Today there are many who have adapted Feng Shui in their lives and have started experiencing the positive trends through the various time tested methods prescribed in the science of Feng Shui. 

There are many different schools of Feng Shui and methods which have evolved over a period of time and each of these fields have their own unique strength. A branch of Feng Shui is the study of the Oracle known as "Book of changes" or also referred to as 'I ching'. 

Those who have basic knowledge of Feng shui would have come across the popular octagon in Feng Shui known as the 'bagua'. The bagua or the eight sides which refer to the eight compass directions with regard to your living space also have a connection with the elements and this is represented by three lines which are either broken or unbroken. These three lines called trigram are the basis of all I ching divination practices. 


The art of I ching divination or fortune telling is said to have evolved in 2900 BC. It was used mainly as a method to predict future events and happenings by asking questions. I ching is the oldest, most popular and often used fortune telling technique from mainland China. It is the consolidation of ancient wisdom and timeless research and development. 

I ching comprises of two things, first is 'I' (pronounced 'ee'), and second is 'Ching'. 'I' represents the system of yin and yang (dark and bright or heads and tails), 'ching' means a book. Hence, I ching means 'book of the system of yin and yang;, the balance of polarized opposites, the two primary forces of the universe. 


The boundary of I ching is as wide as our universe, nothing can escape the boundary of I ching, and hence all aspects of a person's life can be forecast using I ching divination methods. If you wish to know about love, fortune, wealth, legal issues, business, partnerships, career, world events, weather, earth quakes or anything of interest, I ching can give you a clear insight of the possibilities and the timeline too. 

For example, one can ask for advice to hold in mind during a particular conversation for a crucial business meeting, health issues or if in a relationship you can even get to know where a relationship might be headed. The I ching analysis can reveal tremendous possibilities and what one needs to do overcome the obstacles however it calls for focus and attention by the person doing the divination. 


The I ching is an invaluable tool when you wish to take big decisions in your life. It could be career change, relocation, committing to a relationship or even moving house. The outcomes of such decisions have a wide range of possible effects that you can't possibly anticipate them all. 

Through the art of I ching divination, you would be able to take control of the happenings in your life and achieve greater success. 

Friday, 08 February 2013 06:29

Feng Shui zodiac luck in Year 2013

In Feng Shui Zodiac cycle, 2013 is The Year of the Yin Water Snake – GUI SI YING.

Overall the Yin Water Snake year would be a year of Innovation, optimism and enthusiasm but the hidden message would be to “think more” before “acting on the ideas”.  Change of Leadership in many countries in the year 2012 would give rise to possibility of implementing new changes and policies ushering in a new phase in these countries.

On a generic basis the year would be harmonious for animal sign like Horse which has a strong “romance luck”, Dog, Rooster and Ox.  However the zodiac Sign Snake, Pig and Tiger need to exercise caution as they are confronted by conflicting zodiac energies. Hence zodiac signs Snake, Pig, Tiger could be protected by carrying a small Jade Monkey pendant with them in the year 2013.

rat Rat: A Good year with many opportunities coming your way although you have many obstacles to overcome in your path to success. Be cautious of investments and handle money with care and avoid entering business partnerships. Pay attention to health and sleep and take more rest and distress. Rose Quartz beads can help you smoothen relationship luck.

ox Ox: A year with good luck and plenty of beneficial star energies bring in financial gains. However be cautious of legal entanglements and conflicts. Calm yourself as you may feel frustrated and agitated often. Arguments may crop up in relationships at the home front maintain a calm approach and wearing or carrying aquamarine will help.

tiger Tiger: A year when you can succeed and have great financial gains. Time to act swiftly and gain more success however be wary of dishonest people who may try to cheat you. Pay attention to health and circulatory system.  A year of great romance luck and those single can find a partner. Wearing shades of orange, red and white Gold will help and natural earthen beads can further strengthen the health.

rabbit Rabbit: A year of changes and movement and lot of travel can be expected. Pay attention to health as you are prone to sickness and delay in all that you pursue.  Remain humble and think before you act. Placing natural crystals can stabilize the energies and displaying a pair of Swans in bedroom can harmonize relationships.

dragon Dragon: A bright year with lots of positivity. A year filled with celebrations and romance would be a overall smooth year although you will have bouts of sick spells. Avoid spending too much time on deep thin king which will pull down your health luck, and look for opportunities in every crisis you face. Wearing or carrying amber stones will help you to move ahead in your career.

snake Snake: An average year as the animal has self affliction which would cause misfortune of many kinds. However one need not worry as the problems would dissolve on its own but you will feel very emotional and people would be spreading malicious rumors about you which will make you react sharply. Avoid impulsive reactions and keep cool and tongue in check. Carrying a Jade Monkey or wearing amazonite will help tide over troubles.

horse Horse: A year which will make you focus more on your health, hence follow a good diet regime and pay attention to minor health issues too. A good year for relationship and romance luck and time for celebrations too. Prudent planning will help you sail smoothly at work. Wearing Tourmaline will help you maintain good health and balance the energies.

sheep Sheep: A god year with lots of travel and changes. Months of May and November would have more travel possibilities. Conflicts may arise and on the health front pay attention to Senior citizens in the family. Quarrel stars may disrupt domestic harmony and relationships hence wearing amethyst may help to tide over this situation.

monkey Monkey: A year of harmony and stability however do not be complacent. Pay attention to health and ensure you have ample sleep and rest. Would be a very busy year and career growth indicated along with increments. Relationship luck is good and singles may find a ideal partner too.  Wearing Lapis beads will help in enhancing the luck.

rooster Rooster: A smooth year and time to make proper planning and preparations to enjoy benefits of the good year. You may tend to neglect your health due to many things happening around you, hence be cautious. Due to work and career success you may ignore your relationship and partner, hence take more time off to restore the balance. Tourmaline or Jasper will aid in balancing your inner chi.

dog Dog: A very auspicious year with many good happenings and celebrations. Focus on your dietary habits and maintain your exercise regime and do not be complacent. Good wealth luck indicated along with harmonious relationship luck. Wearing citrine can boost the energies and give you strength of all kinds.

pig Pig: A year where you will be spending  more than you desire and will also be a year where your patience will be put to test. At the work front many challenges will surface however you should not give up as success is achievable if you can reflect on your mistakes and make amends. Pay attention to health as you may feel drained due to work load. Displaying a pair of swans will boost relationship luck and wearing Tiger eye will help in wealth luck.

Wishing you success in scaling new heights in 2013.

Friday, 08 February 2013 05:53

Feng Shui to revitalize your space

Home interiors which conform to the precepts of good Feng Shui in terms of shape, colour and positioning generally feel much nicer than those which do not.

Feng Shui has been used in the home to improve such things as wealth and careers, find new partners, start families, help children to study, improve family harmony and later in life to support and improve our health so that we can enjoy the wealth which we’ve accumulated over the years. In short, feng shui at home can be used to influence just about every aspect of our lives.

By relating to the spiritual dimension Feng Shui, becomes more relevant to our modern day life. With our demanding, high-pressure lifestyles today, we need ways with which we can enhance and bring in some much needed balance to our lives.

Spiritual practices are nothing but good deeds that are essential for the practice of good Feng Shui. Each aspect of it can be used as a subtle tool that shapes and enhances your life and well-being. Each day you practice it, it helps you to become a good human being and contributes towards making the world a better place to live.

A Feng Shui house is a house where all the objects are in perfect harmony to each other whether we talk about the Feng Shui elements contained in them or the particular colors that have been used to enhance the space and in turn create the serene feel of spirituality. The Feng Shui is about balancing energies, of animate with inanimate and that of the soul with that of the universe, so that you get the positive energies of the universe flowing through the entire spaces in your house.

A home or business has interior factors and exterior factors that influence you and your mood. Shape of the house, floor plan, positions of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, desks, have an unseen psychological effect on you. History of the house, electro-magnetic energies emitted by electrical connections and cable, telephone, satellite dishes can have either positive or negative effects on you depending upon the sort of person you are. Similarly beams, lights, plants, water and influences of people surrounding you also have some role to play.

  • Living areas require a bit of life and light, so keep within the colour spectrum of yellow or beige tones. Yellows and light browns offer a sense of earth tones, which usually match most furniture styles.
  • Lights brings a vital source of energy and is the key element to setting the mood of any space. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, lights can help highlight or tone down certain areas of the room. Fluorescent lighting helps flood the room with an ambient feel.
  • Avoid barriers in front of the door such as light partitions where you have to navigate around them to move to the next space. By ‘opening up’ the space, this technique immediately expands your front door sector many times over.

It doesn’t take much to revitalize the energy of your home with good Feng shui just a little bit of inspiration and a touch of sensitivity. Through materials, texture and colours, we can change the energy of any space to one that exuberates vibrancy and inspiration.

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