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Why does an unkempt, cluttered room offend the senses? It makes you cringe and summarily pass judgement on the occupants of the living space.The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui attributes this to the bad energy or chi of the place. Feng shui is all about energy and its management in living spaces. It simply means wind (feng) and water (shui) in constant flow. This practice believes chi resides in all living spaces, whether it’s a room, house,office,park or building.Chi is either good or bad. It all depends on the smooth flow of energy. Consequently, good luck or misfortune follows you. That’s why different spaces exude different energies. Some places feel so tranquil that you want to linger there. Others feel oppressive, making you want to flee.


Chi is versatile. It can trespass a living space by seeping through cracks or vents, rushing through doors and windows; it can also be generated in a room by electric lights or by a fireplace.An uproarious argument may also trigger it! Everything depends on the smooth flow of energy.If chi is trapped in a cluttered room, it stagnates. If it flows free in a vast area, it dissipates.Other factors that affect the nature of chi include aesthetics, cleanliness, colours, light, the placement of objects and clutter. Feng shui offers quaint solutions and simple practices to remedy the ill-effects of bad chi.For instance,if you want to invite good feng shui into your life, you can begin by simply refurnishing your home, moving around your furniture or replacing the main door of the house.Doors and windows are vital to the smooth flow of energy in feng shui. Windows are viewed as the eyes of a home. So the thumb rule is: No dirty windows,lots of natural light streaming through the day and privacy after dark. To bring back a shine in your life and to polish your luck, here are some suggestions: Rethink all that is sloppy and sullen indoors.Then — de-clutter and deep cleanse every corner of your house with an unseasonal spring clean.


After this spatial facelift, new energy will flow through your home, inviting all things positive from the universe. Such is the promise of feng shui but in its practice, it is your everyday ablutions for your living spaces.Sometimes, you can reboot the stagnant energy of your house by simply rearranging the furniture. A fresh coat of paint or whitewash for the walls can also dress down the negatives thronging your mind. The annual ritual cleansing of homes including a whitewash, repairs and maintenance, counters afflictions unknowingly created over the year.This sanitary exercise is powerful,as it empowers your aspirations. Mounting Piscean images or paintings of fish will give you a career boost. Sporting furniture in shades of blue, north of your living room can be tried. Windows,drapes,curtains,door positioning and lights — all play a prominent role in the smooth flow of energy in your home. The colours and fabrics used for drapes and curtains also affect the chi. Installing blinds will harmonise the flow of chi through windows.To perk your mood,match the curtains with the seasons. Choose green for spring, while red,orange and pink go well with summer; white, grey and metallic suit autumn and shades of blue are great in winter.


Colours transform the energy of a room instantly. Green is calming and ideal for living rooms.A deep purple adds soul to the prayer room. If you want good chi to breeze into your homes, keep your windows and curtains clean. Limp and droopy curtains will send the chi on a retreat. Draw your curtains during the day to embrace the silent, splendid sun! Install skylights in the kitchen for extra light. But avoid them in bedrooms as they steal your privacy.Keep the area inside your main door welllit and furniture-free. Fresh blooms and greens multiply the good feng shui of your house.Yellow flowers in the living room revive you. Place leafy greens in the east and southeast part of your house to attract wealth. Don’t forget to clean the area under your bed and furniture. And place fresh flowers in a large urn close to the main door.This will ensure good chi is around everyone!


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