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Zodiac 2023 Analysis

 Zodiac 2023 Analysis

Forecast for the 12 Chinese Zodiac for 2023- Year of the Water Rabbit


Year ahead Overview: People born in the year of the Rat are in favorable luck cycle.  Empowered by lucky stars, you can bid goodbye to a challenging previous year. With plenty of favorable stars, Rats can bask in good fortune and most problems will be easily resolved.  As long as you leverage your network well, you can broaden your horizons and gain greater wealth.  Be careful of schemers and think carefully before you act. 


Year ahead Overview: A year you need to handle and diffuse situations and manage things. Various problems may make you feel drained however move on with all that you need to focus on and your life will become more fulfilling.  The Misjudgment star may lead you to make mistakes that result in losses but being identified as efficient person you may be dumped on with additional work. You may feel drained from dealing with various problems this year. Stay calm when making important decisions.  


Year ahead Overview:  A year with mixed luck . While you will have positive experience and meet nice people, you may also face more hardships and need to strike a balance. You can overcome challenges and learn from the past and handle matters with wisdom.  Be careful in everything that you do in order to avoid trouble. Due to weak inner chi , immunity may go down hence take care of your health. 


Year ahead Overview:  A year wherein the zodiac clashes with unfavorable star however, there are lucky supportive star that  shield you from difficulties and helps to make it a fulfilling year.  You can lead your team to reach new heights.  Be ready to grab opportunities and do not be afraid of changes. There will be a increase irresponsibility both at work and Home


Year ahead Overview: A year with stable luck and success stars supporting you. There are both opportunities and challenges in your career, you can look forward to enhancing bonds with loved ones and co-workers, nonetheless, be careful of schemers to avoid suffering losses. Stay patient and cautious in order to solve problems.   


Year ahead Overview: A year which has a dip in your luck cycle, yet your ability to deal with stress has improved and you can still make overall stable progress.  While there are many work challenges, they signify fresh beginnings that allow you to reach new levels of success. Control your emotions and stay positive. Be careful of unlucky stars that pose threats to your health and safety.  


Year ahead Overview: Moving into a very supportive year , Blessed by the Happiness and success stars, you have much to look forward to this year.  As you thrive in a flourishing career and wealth luck, you can expect good news frequently. With great positive energy, Horses will be able to attract benefactors and resolve problems with creativity and agile thinking.  That said this busy year can overwhelm you, making you prone to distractions. Try to stay calm especially in chaotic situations. 


Year ahead Overview:  A year of mixed luck, you may encounter frequent problems due to unlucky star, which will be resolved with help from the lucky and resolution stars.  Be more confident and focus on things that matter.  Stay calm and think before you act you must also beware of schemers, pay attention to safety when heading outdoors or driving.


Year ahead Overview:  A year with mixed luck yet You can look forward to a smooth-sailing year.  Make the most of opportunities as that shall reduce your financial burden. All problems can be resolved if you face challenges boldly.  When making new friends, be more generous and lend a listening ear.  As insufficient sleep will affect your immunity, rest more to ensure smooth progress in all aspects. Single must be careful of attracting the wrong partner as they may lead to relationship entanglements. 


Year ahead Overview: A year to stay calm, humble and patient. As you have a dip  in your luck cycle, Keep a low profile and be cautious in all that you do.  Avoid making drastic changes or acting impulsively.  To improve your luck, attend more celebratory events or seek blessing at a places of worship. Do not let your stubbornness becomes a heavy burden.  Avoid making drastic changes or acting impulsively otherwise your wealth and career progress will be affected.


Year ahead Overview:  Finally you will be in a great year .For those born in the year of the Dog, this is a promising year filled with good opportunities and positive encounters.  Pursue your dreams boldly and you shall reach new horizons.  Amidst your good fortune your burdens from the past year will be eased too .Your burden from the past year will be eased too.  Do more good deeds and help others if you have the opportunity.


Year ahead Overview:  A year you will feel worried for no reason. Frequent mood swings may make you feel depressed over small matters. You tend to lose motivation that  undermine your efforts when things do not go as expected. You can overcome all hurdles to gain success with constant learning and improvement.  Pay attention to your surroundings when outdoors.  Also put away sharp objects at home and work.

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