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FS General (19) provides easy access to authentic information, updates, newsletter and knowledge base on the Ancient science of Vaastu, Feng Shui and Geo magnetic fields (Bau – biology and Bio-energetics).

The Art and Science of balancing energies in a structure to create harmony and Prosperity is the key to good living and aligning the space. Accredited Master Consultant S.BS. Surendran will share through periodic updates his experiences, knowledge and expertise in the varied fields. The information will aid in bringing out the best not only in the structures but also from the occupants enabling them to “THINK BETTER, WORK BETTER AND LIVE BETTER”

Wishing you Prosperity, Success and Happiness forever

Feng Shui in Chinese means Wind & Water. A science which studies the flow of energy known as “Chi” in a space. Energy known as chi has to be in control or else it causes disturbances of various kinds to the occupants. Its cause and effect on mankind due to the movement of such energy and its counter effects makes Feng Shui a very important tool in designing and harmonizing living spaces.

Vaastu is an ancient Hindu Science, over 6000 years old, which creates harmony in a place when the orientation and placements are perfect. Vaastu in Sanskrit means "Place of dwelling" and originates from the Vedas. "Veda" itself means Knowledge. Vaastu originated from one of the four Vedas known as the "ATHARAVANA VEDA".

Life without a shelter or a place of dwelling would be unimaginable as our place of dwelling forms a vital part of our life. It is not just a structure with shingles, bricks and cement, but contributes immensely to our development and is of great significance.

Accredited Feng shui Master, Vaastu expert and Bio-energetician S.BS. Surendran can be contacted for a comprehensive professional consultation.

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